Waterproof Phone Holder

* Made of high quality ABS + leather material, durable.
* It is mounted on a bicycle or motorcycle and can be rotated 360 degrees
* With touch function, touch screen operation is smooth, even if the devicewears the shell.
* No 100% waterproof shell, only to prevent slight water droplets or rain.
* Install it on your bike to make it easy for you to check the time, check themap, and let you not miss the emergency call and the message.
* Divided into: S, M, L, XL four sizes



S:  125*60*25mm(Inner), 138*75*30mm(Outer), fit for less than 4.4 inch mobile phone .

M:  135*75*25mm(Inner), 150*85*30mm(Outer), fit for less than 4.7 inch mobile phone .

L:   160*100*30mm(Inner), 150*85*25mm (Outer), fit for less than5.7 inch mobile phone .

XL: 168*89*25mm(Inner), 185*110*30mm (Outer), fit for less than6.8 inch mobile phone .