Automatic Alcohol Sanitizer Dispenser

Product Description:

Item no: FT-AASD-9012

Material: ABS+PC

Color: White

Capacity: 360ml

Product Size: 85*135*190mm

Charging: Using 4*AAA batteries



1. Automatic induction 0.5s liquid output

2. IPX4 waterproof, full aircraft waterproof design (battery, circuit board)

3. Strong anti-infrared interference, free from infrared interference



1. The default amount of liquidoutput is: 1ML (if special request, it can be set as required).

2. After 2 seconds, a secondliquid will be released (if the palm stays for more than 2 seconds).

3. Before replacing the new battery, press the power switch of the base, install a new battery, close the battery cover, and press the key again.