Mini Electric inflator —————A gift from FantastiCAR

Have you ever thought aboutcycling in the woods with family and friends?FantastiCAR mini electric inflator will be the bestcompany for your trip.

Through the years of servingour customers with car accessories, gifts and promotional products, FantatsiCARhas grown into a company with a strong social responsibility which cares more and more aboutthe needs of our customers.

We’ve been having athought for a long time: is there anything else we can do to help customerswhen emergence happens? During our research about the market, our products andthe needs of customers, we came up with this idea— mini electric inflator. 

We believe our mini electricinflator will help in circumstances that everyone might have in real life,because of the following functions:

 Front LCD digital display: toread the pressure of the tires and easy to preset the inflator. Youcan also set a pressure and it turns off automatically when it reaches thepressure.

Rechargeable lithium battery: can be charged with 12V car charger or 110V home charger.

Colorful andportable: designed according to the size of the hand, to make it just portable for holding it inyour hands. Four colors for you to choose.

Fast to charge and pump:  takes 1 hour for the battery to be fully charged. 2 min to pump a bicycle tire and 3 min to pump a motorbike tire, 15 min for a car tire (except for thetruck tires).

Convenient at night: 2 LEDemergency lights can help you can see things clearly in darkness.

Full range of accessories: 2 air tubes, ac and dc charger, valveadapter, needle, carry bag, user manual and100% satisfaction MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

Of course, ourears are also open for any advise to improve the inflator.

Thanks forspreading the news and having the special gift in your tool kit!